About Us

About Us

Best Holige's for you and family

Bhaskar's Mane Holige, is a first of its kind Holige sweets and Savouries in Bangalore. Bhaskar's Mane Holige has been the best with respect to hygiene, taste and variety of traditional sweets and savouries. We want our customers to cherish the memories of your childhood where Holige was prepared during festivals. The history behind Holige and creating the best Holige in Bangalore is redefined by Bhaskar's Mane Holige now.

To serve the best quality products & suit the traditional taste of holige, BMH has 5 outlets(own), 3 franchise’s outlets at different parts of city and 4 outlets at Hubli, Mangalore, Bombay respectively.Bhaskar’s Mane Holige is one of the finest store in the city to offer authentic and traditional holige Savories. Here we serve more than 25+ (including seasonal ) varieties of holige to match the taste bud
of every customer from various region.Our Bhaskar’s Mane Holige is not only famous for it’s Best of kind Holige we are also known for our homemade snacks popularly known as “KURUK THINDI” which includes all kind of Chakli, Kodbale, Nippattu, Ravalaadu, Sukkiunde, Antude, Tambbittu, Kajjaya, Sajjappa  whose every
crunchy bite reminds our days of grandmother handmade snacks having in our childhood.We live in a hectic busy life schedule working on ourselves to get betterment in our lifestyle’s. This shouldn’t stop us from continuing the traditional taste and recipes.Henceforth we have all kind of mouth watering pickle’s, Gojju’s, Rasam Ball, Puliyogare Mix, Chutney powders…..for ease in life of our customer’s.


To serve all kind of products we require lot of vigorous efforts to meet the best possible quality food. But when it comes to terms of hygiene we have raised a bar higher for  the standard health and sanitation.
Adopting clean and safety standards in Packing, Preparing and Serving the delicious.


To maintain quality and service, we are always open to feedback from our customer, who have been contributing in the development and improvement of our organization.